Peyton Manning
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    Peyton Manning Tweets
    Peyton Manning thought the Broncos “stunk” against Texans http://t.co/ULaixyosAt

    Twitter: @FansDenverBronc

    Ad of the Day: Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Prank Store Customers for Gatorade http://t.co/wBfQrwnSZC

    Twitter: @xBeiro

    RT @elizabethtronos: “@FastCompany: Peyton Manning And Cam Newton prank customers for @fassammyjames http://t.co/LbSdtLStDU”

    Twitter: @fassammyjames

    @Chawk1003 funny commercials with Payton Manning and Cam Newton. http://t.co/hmHJcauFHW

    Twitter: @cardboardchuck

    #askcc will Andrew luck be better then Peyton manning ?

    Twitter: @mogs117